Hundreds of Reserve Coal Pits Created


Pyongyang, February 18 (KCNA) -- Officials and working people in the field of coal industry are raising the flame of innovation in the first advance for carrying out the new five-year plan.

Thanks to their struggle for carrying out the Party policies on providing more coal pits by giving precedence to prospecting and tunneling, hundreds of reserve coal pits have so far been created this year.

Officials of the Ministry of Coal Industry and relevant units worked out an innovative operational plan and have pushed it forward with a firm determination to bring about new innovation, courageous creation and steady advance in the idea and spirit of the 2nd Plenary Meeting of the 8th Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea.

Bearing in mind that giving precedence to tunneling means increased coal production, the officials mapped out the plan to reflect the immediate and future requirements for coal production and to maximize the economic effectiveness of investment, and worked out the tunneling plan in detail.

The ministry reconfirmed the overall deposits and meticulously organized the operation for concentrating manpower and means on prospecting and tunneling. In the meantime, coal mines have actively introduced rational tunneling methods and waged high-speed tunneling movement as part of practical methods for securing more coal by methods of heading excavation and preparatory tunneling.

As a result, more than 170 reserve coal pits have been created in the Sunchon Area Youth Coal Mining Complex.


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