Brisk Efforts for Promoting Land Development and Environmental Protection in DPRK


Pyongyang, February 18 (KCNA) -- The Ministry of Land and Environment Protection has launched this year's operation for bringing about progress in land development and ecological environmental protection.

The ministry, on the basis of a survey of the sites for afforestation and anti-landslide projects, woods devastated by fire and changes in the state of woodland and timber forests, mapped out a detailed plan and assigned tasks for implementing the first year's tasks of the new five-year plan.

It has conducted a substantial survey of the conservation of wildlife sanctuaries of great national significance, special forest reserves and the sites for anti-landslide projects, including roads, railways and the vicinity of villages.

Measures have been taken to complete the system for monitoring environment and ensure and restore the quality of atmosphere in every provincial seat and industrial zone and the quality of water of rivers, lakes and seas.

The ministry has directed efforts into afforestation and water conservancy in order to prevent natural disasters.

It has also meticulously organized the work for finishing tree planting in the sites for afforestation and taking sci-tech care of the newly planted trees by waging a dynamic forest restoration campaign, and for completing the project for updating the Central Tree Nursery and the construction of the Academy of Forest Science at an early date.

The Central Tree Nursery and mother tree nurseries in all provinces, cities and counties have laid material and technical foundations for vigorously conducting scientific research in increasing the rate of potted sapling production and breeding good species.

Substantial measures have been taken to promote river improvement, including reinforcement of banks, dredging of river-beds and creation of bank-protecting forests.

Measures have also been taken to promote the construction and technical updating of roads, improve their appearance and better them in terms of culture and safety.

The ministry has set long-term plans for establishing an orderly system for managing coastlines, and for pushing forward with the projects of building and reinforcing coastal protection facilities.


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