Kuryong Falls of Mt Kumgang in DPRK


Pyongyang, November 10 (KCNA) -- Kuryong Falls is in Outer Kumgang, a part of world-famous Mt Kumgang in the DPRK.

Kuryong Falls belongs to the three famous falls of the country, together with Taesung Falls in Mt Solak and Pakyon Falls in Kaesong, and to the four falls of Mt Kumgang, along with Sipi, Pibong and Okyong falls.

The vertical height of Kuryong Falls is 74 meters and the length and width of its stream are 84 meters and 4 meters.

Cliffs around the falls consist of granites in the Mesozoic age.

There are mortar-shaped Kuryong Pool below the falls and the Upper Pal Pools above the falls, associated with a tale that "eight heavenly fairies" came down there to bathe.

On the opposite side of the falls there is Kuryong Pavilion used as a resort for visitors.


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