Chonsondae in Mt Kumgang of DPRK


Pyongyang, November 3 (KCNA) -- The scenery of world-famous Mt Kumgang in the DPRK presents a spectacular sight now in autumn.

Very fascinating, in particular, is the panoramic view of Manmulsang (myriad-shaped peaks) seen from Chonsondae with a height of 936 meters above the sea level, which is one of the peaks in the Manmulsang district of Outer Kumgang.

Below Chonsondae is a cliff covered with pine-nut, pine, maple and other trees. On a hillside of the cliff is a lake where it is told that fairies descended from the sky and made up their faces after taking a bath.

Visitors to this peak can get a bird's-eye view of not only Manmulsang but also Obong mountain range, queer Jipson and Chaeha peaks, Samsonam, Onjong Pass and other areas.

Chonsondae, one of the beauty spots in scenic Mt Kumgang, has been preserved as a natural monument for its academic significance in the study of cleat of granite and weathering.


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