KCNA Report on Achievements Made in First Month of 80-day Campaign


Pyongyang, November 3 (KCNA) -- The Korean Central News Agency released a report on Monday on the achievements made by all the regions, fields and units of the country in the efforts to accomplish the targets for the first month of the 80-day campaign.

According to the report, all the people across the country came out in the general revolutionary campaign for the fresh progress and prosperity.

The headquarters at all levels from Pyongyang to the lowest unit set targets to be attained during the campaign and pressed for measures for their execution and meticulously organized operations and commanding.

The Party organizations at all levels let all the Party members and other working people properly know about the idea of the letter of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea and waged powerful organizational and political work to arouse their mental power and creative enthusiasm to the maximum.

The emergency anti-epidemic work has been further intensified to defend the security of the country and the people and to devotedly safeguard the 8th Congress of the Party from the worldwide health crisis which is getting serious as the days go by.

Notices and instructions from the central emergency anti-epidemic field were updated and delivered and anti-epidemic measures were enforced on a high level.

All the fields and units thoroughly carried out emergency anti-epidemic measures taken by the Party and the state, firmly maintained steel-like anti-epidemic system and order and maintained and consolidated the stable and perfect anti-epidemic situation.

Scientific research institutions established our own disinfection system and have pushed forward in real earnest the work to guarantee the emergency anti-epidemic campaign in a scientific and technological way.

The great army-people unity and the might of coordinated operations were demonstrated in the campaign for recovery from damage.

Service personnel of the People's Army and members of the division of Party members from the capital city performed miracles and feats in the van of the campaign for the recovery from the damage and in the 80-day campaign, and officials, working people, youth and students across the country sent lots of encouraging letters to them.

In the first month of the campaign more than 2 000 modern dwelling houses were newly built across the country.

Thanks to the struggle waged by the members of the division of the Party members from the capital city and soldier-builders, villages of new dwelling houses appeared one after another in Hongwon and Riwon counties in South Hamgyong Province, Kimchaek City in North Hamgyong Province, and Cholwon, Phyonggang, Changdo, Ichon, Hoeyang, Phangyo, Kumgang and Kimhwa counties in Kangwon Province.

People moved to new houses in Taechong-ri, Unpha County, North Hwanghae Province which has turned into model village in socialist farm.

Keeping step with the achievements made in the construction of dwelling houses in the areas for recovery from damage, the projects for rehabilitating railways, iron bridges and facilities have been successfully pushed ahead.

In the fields of forestry, agriculture, city management and land and environmental conservation, the rehabilitation of more than 30 bridges, improvement of rivers in more than 70 places, projects of over 10 reservoirs, more than 50 waterway projects and structure rehabilitation projects were concluded.

The agricultural front is all alive for the successful conclusion of the farming for this year and preparations for farming for next year.

Thanks to the efforts exerted by agricultural workers across the country harvesting of rice and corn was completed across the country and thrashing has reached 74 percent.

The officials and working people in the agricultural field are stepping up the autumn ploughing and production of self-sufficing manure for the preparations for farming for next year.

The fighting spirit of the people runs high in all sites for the economic construction.

Kumyagang Power Station No. 2 was built and commissioned as a model of minor power stations of the country and the Munphyong Smeltery has had its lead refining system updated as labor-intensive, energy-efficient, cost-saving and land-saving one.

The project for updating and modernizing the Kumsong Tractor Factory and the construction of low-temperature drying distiller of the Myonggan Chemical Factory and rayon pulp production process of the Chongjin Chemical Fibre Mill are being pushed forward on a full scale.

The workers of the large-scale industrial bases including the Kim Chaek Iron and Steel Complex and the Namhung Youth Chemical Complex are pressing for the projects for the expansion of production capacity to consolidate the pillar of the self-supporting economy

Modern production processes conducive to the promotion of people's health and improvement of people's living standard have been built in the Unjong Tea Drink Factory and the Sinuiju Textile Mill and they are nearing their completion.

The targets for the first month of the 80-day campaign have been accomplished on such major indices as electricity, iron ore, steel, coal and cement in the industrial field including metal, chemical, power, coal and machine industries and railway transport.

The report stressed that the achievements made in the first month of the 80-day campaign clearly prove the iron truth that the all-people offensive is sure to triumph as long as there are the leadership of the Party Central Committee and the ranks of the single-minded unity which has embodied the staunch attack spirit.


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