Volunteer Movement Brisk among Women's Organization Members


Pyongyang, October 30 (KCNA) -- Officials and members of the women's union in the DPRK are fully displaying the revolutionary spirit and strong mettle of the Korean women in the ongoing 80-day campaign.

Those in Pyongyang City are conducting proactive voluntary activities, emulating the traits of struggle being staged by members of the divisions of Party members of the capital city who are performing miracles and feats at the recovery campaign sites in South and North Hamgyong provinces.

Women's union organizations at all levels in North Hamgyong Province are achieving high results every day in making blocks and roofing tiles and arranging areas, while preparing necessary materials by themselves in connection with the field recovery headquarters in relevant areas.

Women's union members in cities and counties of South Hamgyong Province have volunteered to do finishing works like papering and painting with responsibility.

Members of the division of women's union volunteers for recovery campaign under the General Bureau of the Tanchon Area Mining Industry are collecting gravel and carrying roofing tiles, while doing good things like on-the-spot haircut and shoe-repairing services.

Women's union volunteers in North and South Phyongan provinces and Nampho City are working hard at apatite mines and Kumsong Tractor Factory.

The same is true of women's union members in North Hwanghae Province, Kanggye City and Jonchon County of Jagang Province, South Hwanghae Province, Kaesong City and Rason City.


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