Spirit of Self-reliance Is Treasured Sword for Victory in 80-day Campaign: Rodong Sinmun


Pyongyang, October 17 (KCNA) -- Rodong Sinmun on Saturday says in an article that the spirit of self-reliance serves as a treasured sword for the victory in the 80-day campaign for greeting the 8th Congress of the Workers' Party of Korea with proud achievements.

Self-reliance is a revolutionary way of struggle which guarantees successful attainment of the goals of the 80-day campaign and the motive power which enables our people to fully demonstrate their indomitable revolutionary spirit in the campaign, says the article and goes on:

Intrepid are our people who do everything in a self-reliant manner, full of patriotic zeal.

They are fighters with the spirit of self-development who have learnt in the tempest unprecedented in history the way of living by their own efforts, tackling enemies and difficulties and defending their dignity and rights.

They have displayed inexhaustible mental power to carve out their future in their own style and as scheduled by them, and the fighting spirit of making uninterrupted innovations and progress without any slightest stagnation or standstill.

By doing so, they have put the national power and prestige on the highest level and clearly proved in practice the inevitability of the victory of socialism in the face of intractable challenges and pressure.

Getting stronger is their spirit of self-reliance despite manifold ordeals.

The article stresses that definite is the victory in the 80-day campaign as our Party's indomitable idea of offensive steers our people who absolutely believe in their own strength with precious experience of self-development that enabled them to make a great leap forward.


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