President Kim Il Sung's Motto - Believing in People as in Heaven


Pyongyang, July 2 (KCNA) -- To believe in people as in Heaven was the constant view and motto kept by President Kim Il Sung throughout his life.

Reviewing his life, the President said that the principle of Juche, which calls for drawing on the strength of the masses who are the masters of the revolution and construction, was his political creed, and it was the axiom that led him to devote his whole life to the people.

The people whom the President took much care of and believe in as in Heaven were workers, farmers and ordinary intellectuals who devotedly worked at factories, farms, fishing villages and underground cutting faces.

Noting that the people, the great collective that can be said represent the whole world, have always advanced the history honestly in the van, the President valued and held in esteem all the people, reposing the deepest trust in them.

Out of his firm creed and maxim that the people are the teachers and the main force propelling the revolution, the President built the Party, the state and the army for the people.

Saying that he should go everywhere people live, he visited a farm village in the northern tip of the country pushing his car stuck in the mud, and had his late lunch with green maize after making a round of several farm fields for hours. The land across the country is associated with such legendary tales of his loving care for the people.

On July 7, Juche 83 (1994), the last day of his life, too, he didn't have even a late meal, saying that he had so many things to do for the people.

There were many leaders and politicians in the world who claimed worked for the people, but there was no such leader and politician as the President who kept it as his motto to believe in the people as in Heaven all his life, made a long journey of the revolution, together with the people, to realize their wishes and became their father.


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