Miniature Hydro-power Stations Built


Pyongyang, March 25 (KCNA) -- The public interest in miniature hydro-power stations with generating capacity of under 100 kilowatts is growing in the DPRK as the days go by.

Many units and households get benefit from them.

Hundreds of units in Jagang Province built miniature hydro-power stations in accordance with the geographical features, and their total generating capacity reaches several thousand kilowatts.

The Wolryong Co-op Farm in Yonthan County of North Hwanghae Province constructed a miniature hydro-power station with low head drop to generate necessary electricity.

Meanwhile, households in Anak County of South Hwanghae Province, Samsu County of Ryanggang Province and Hwaphyong County of Jagang Province installed water-wheel generators in valley streams to produce electricity.


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