New Breeding Places of Goshawk Found in DPRK


Pyongyang, March 25 (KCNA) -- More breeding places of goshawk, national bird of the DPRK, were recently found in the country.

In this regard, Kim Kyong Jun, vice-director of the Zoology Research Institute under the State Academy of Sciences, told KCNA:

More than 100 goshawk breeding places were additionally found through the survey of sanctuaries across the country from May last year till mid-March this year.

Goshawks had been known so far to live mainly in northern parts of the country.

But, through the survey we found a female goshawk sitting on eggs, young goshawks, nests and a pair of goshawks at the Yangamsan Sanctuary in Kangwon Province and the Hakbongsan Sanctuary in North Hwanghae Province. The facts show that the goshawk lives in the whole area of the country in all seasons.

And we observed goshawk nests on high trees like pine and larch at the Ogasan Nature Reserve and the Phothaesan Sanctuary in northern part of the country, confirming again that the environment of sanctuaries was changed more favorably for the breeding of goshawks and their numbers increase rapidly.

In particular, we found tens of goshawk nests, including the one with five eggs to the maximum, at the Toksong Goshawk Reserve, which was arranged in Toksong County of South Hamgyong Province in 2015. This goes to prove that the area is a favorable breeding place for goshawk.

The institute is planning to further deepen the research into feeding activity, distribution sphere, breeding and ecological characters of goshawk.


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