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National Reunification Institute Lays Bare True Colors of
S. Korean Conservatives as Pro-Japanese Elements


Pyongyang, August 22 (KCNA) -- The National Reunification Institute Thursday made public an indictment exposing to the world the sordid nature of treachery to the country and nation of the group of the south Korean conservatives and their notorious crimes.

The indictment cited facts to prove that the conservatives, pro-Japanese stooges and traitors, have not been abolished in south Korea, but they have earned an ill fame.

After the liberation of Korea on August 15, 1945, traitor Syngman Rhee was pointed out as class A stooge who would carry out the U.S. policy of new colony on the Korean peninsula.

As soon as he came to south Korea, he helped the pro-Japanese elements, who were on the verge of being liquidated after being sternly judged by the nation, find a way-out.

He faked up the "Liberal Party", the ancestor of the "Liberal Korea Party", with pro-Japanese elements who lived in wealth and honor by licking the Japanese imperialists' boots and committed indelible treacherous crimes before the country and the nation.

The key officeholders and hardcore members of the "Liberal Party" were vicious pro-Japanese elements who worked as city assembly members, public prosecutors, judges, police chiefs and county headmen during the period of occupation of Korea by the Japanese imperialists.

The coteries of Syngman Rhee did not bother such a traitorous act of inveigling the remnants of the Imperial Japanese Army into the Korean war which they provoked together with the U.S. in the 1950s.

Traitor Park Chung-Hee concluded the treacherous and shackling "south Korea-Japan agreement" after holding power and perpetrated the treacherous acts of covering up the Japanese imperialists' hideous crimes against the Korean nation and selling off the dignity and interests of the nation for a petty amount of money.

Traitor Chun Doo Hwan, who usurped power by force, following in the wake of traitor Park Chung-Hee, fully supported the Japanese reactionaries' moves to turn Japan into a military giant to earn an ill fame as a pro-Japanese traitor.

Traitor Lee Myung Bak was also a pro-Japanese traitor who positively defended the Japanese reactionaries' moves to reinvade Korea.

Park Geun Hye who succeeded her father, top class pro-Japanese lackey, became notorious for her heinous pro-Japanese country-selling crimes while in power.

The clan of ultra-right conservatives in south Korea is the group of the pirates indigenous to Japan that should be eliminated as soon as possible.

The betes noires-like ultra-right conservatives of south Korea only make reckless acts and remarks of defending the sworn enemies of Japan on a daily basis, stunning the world.

The pro-Japanese country-selling acts of the clan of conservatives including the "Liberal Korea Party" have gone to the extremes occasioned by the recent outrageous economic retaliation measure taken by the Japanese reactionaries over the judgment on the reparation to those who fell victims to labor conscription at the hands of the Japanese imperialists.

The indictment stressed that the south Korean people can never get rid of foreign forces' domination and subjugation, disgrace and humiliation as long as the "Liberal Korea Party", the group of pro-Japanese forces and traitors to the nation without an equal in the world, are allowed to go scot-free.



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