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Bringing about Heyday of Peace, Prosperity and
Reunification Called for​


Pyongyang, June 15 (KCNA) -- The North Side, the South Side and the Overseas Side Committees for Implementing June 15 Joint Declaration released a resolution Saturday on the occasion of the 19th anniversary of the publication of the June 15 Joint Declaration.

The Pyongyang summit meeting in June 2000 and the publication of the June 15 Joint Declaration, which specified the common principle of reunification, goal and ways of realising them, were great events that turned the north-south relations of distrust and confrontation into the ones of reconciliation and unity and brought about a radical turn in the accomplishment of reunification of the Korean nation, the resolution points out.

The Panmunjom Declaration and the September Pyongyang Joint Declaration, which carried forward the main idea of the June 15 Joint Declaration, were adopted last year to bring a dramatic turn in the north-south relations, it notes, adding that they were another event of significance which eased the critical situation inching close to an outbreak of war and declared a new start of the movement for national reunification.

Saying that there are still ordeals and difficulties in the implementation of the north-south declarations but all Koreans are stronger and more ardent in their will to bring durable peace to their land and write a new history of independent reunification, the resolution notes as follows:

We will further the nation-wide movement for preserving and implementing the historic Panmunjom Declaration and the September Pyongyang Joint Declaration reflecting the general will of the nation.

We will work hard to lead the declarations to bold practice, rejecting empty talk about their implementation. We will make efforts to consolidate all the good results of the June 15 era, further develop them as required by the era of peace and prosperity and thus let all Koreans benefit from the north-south declarations.

We will take the lead in rejecting outsiders' interference and ushering in the era of improving north-south relations, peace and prosperity under the uplifted banner of national independence.

We will cherish and firmly adhere to the principle of national independence "The Korean nation determines its destiny by itself," the philosophical principle of the historic north-south declarations.

We will reject outsiders' interference in the internal affair of the nation and the north-south relationship, their arbitrary practices and all policies of worshipping and depending on big countries that run counter to the idea of national independence. We will launch diverse activities to lead the good atmosphere for improvement of relations to fruition of peace and reunification.

We will resolutely fight against the acts of stoking north-south confrontation and military tensions by the concerted efforts of all Koreans.

We will dynamically wage the movement for frustrating all the acts of instigating and fostering military hostility, distrust, enmity and confrontation between the north and the south, which run counter to the Koreans' aspiration for reunification and the historic north-south declarations.

We will achieve the solidarity and unity of organizations of different circles in the north, the south and overseas and further intensify the nation-wide movement for reunification.

We will make enthusiasm for implementing the north-south declarations sweep the whole of Korea and touch the heart of every Korean across the world through colorful activities of solidarity among organizations of different strata, sectors and regions in the north, the south and abroad.

The resolution calls on all Koreans to work hard to bring about a heyday of peace, prosperity and reunification under the uplifted banner of the north-south joint declarations.



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