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Implementation of North-South Declarations Called for


Pyongyang, April 27 (KCNA) -- The north, south and overseas sides Committees for Implementing the June 15 Joint Declaration released an appeal on Saturday on the lapse of one year since the publication of the Panmunjom declaration.

Noting the historic meeting between the top leaders of the north and the south and the adoption of the Panmunjom declaration one year ago at Panmunjom which had been a symbol of division and confrontation evoked great applause and joy among all Koreans and other peoples in the world, the appeal said the meeting and the adoption were great events which declared a new start of the north-south relations and ushered in a new era of peace, prosperity and independent reunification.

The All-Korean Committee for Implementation of June 15 Joint Declaration, calling on all the Koreans to tide over the present difficulties with the concerted efforts and take the lead in paving the path toward peace, prosperity and independent reunification, appealed as follows:

Let's invariably preserve and thoroughly implement the historic Panmunjom Declaration and the September Pyongyang Joint Declaration!

One can feel the breathing of the Korean nation filled with the ardent hope for national reunification from the Panmunjom Declaration and the September Pyongyang Joint Declaration. The declarations also reflect the soul of the Koreans with their hearts burning with a strong will to achieve reunification.

The declarations serve as the programme for reunification common to all Koreans, which reflect their long-cherished dream and ideal for reunification.

Let's show the world how successfully the Koreans pave a bright path toward national reunification by their own efforts by vigorously conducting a nation-wide campaign for implementing the declarations from April 27 to September 19, the "period of activities for implementing the Panmunjom Declaration and the September Pyongyang Joint Declaration."

Let's firmly preserve and embody the principle of independence, in which we, ourselves, responsibly shape the destiny of the nation!

The remarkable changes witnessed in the north-south relations in the wake of the publication of the Panmunjom Declaration proved that if the Korean nation takes such attitude as to play the master's role in developing the north-south relations out of an independent decision and with bold practice, nothing is impossible.

Let's strongly reject the stand of depending on outsiders, which runs counter to the principle of national independence that the Korean nation determines its destiny by itself, and become masters in ushering in an era of independent reunification!

Let's root out the cause of tensions on the Korean peninsula and positively preserve the atmosphere of the improvement of the north-south relations!

It is the unanimous desire and will of the 80 million Koreans to put an end to the military hostility between the north and the south and turn the Korean peninsula into a permanent and durable peace zone.

Let all Koreans at home and abroad turn out in the nation-wide onward march toward improvement of the north-south relations, peace and reunification for the sake of the destiny of the nation!

Let's fully demonstrate the power of the united Koreans under the banner of the north-south declarations!

The great national unity serves as the foundation and the power for peace, prosperity and reunification on the Korean peninsula.

The political parities, organizations and Koreans of various circles at home and abroad that are truly desirous of peace of the country and improvement of the north-south relations should get united firmly as one and hold higher the banner of the implementation of the north-south declarations.

The appeal pointed out that nothing can block the advance of the Koreans going toward a bright future with their unity as a powerful engine.



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