KCNA Report on Producing Heroes and Meritorious Persons of Patriotism in DPRK​


Pyongyang, September 7 (KCNA) -- The Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) Tuesday made a report on producing a large unit of heroes and a large contingent of meritorious persons of patriotism in the struggle for comprehensive prosperity and development of the DPRK during the first decade of the new century of Juche.

In the course of the all-people struggle over the past decade, more than 1 500 officials and working people were awarded the titles of Hero of the Republic and Labor Hero and a lot of meritorious persons of socialist patriotism including over 2 300 recipients of titles of honor were produced.

The Korean people with the noble outlook on life that the absolute loyalty to the leader is the greatest patriotism have displayed patriotism in the struggle to hold forever President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il in high esteem as the eternal sun of Juche and devotedly defend the Party Central Committee.

Under the leadership of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, all the people and service personnel across the country have dedicated their patriotism and sincerity to the sacred and patriotic cause to courteously erect the statues of the President and the Chairman on Mansu Hill and sprucing up the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun as the sacred temple of Juche and a grand monument symbolizing the dignity of Kim Il Sung's and Kim Jong Il's Korea.

The feats of vanguard fighters defending the leader unto death including the heroic captain of Fishing Boat No. 1728 of the Second Fleet of the Kamapho Fishery Station clearly showed the world what is the duty of the life that the Korean people and service personnel cherished as their lives.

Countless are heroes who performed feats in the struggle for strengthening the national defence capability.

Hundreds of DPRK citizens have the greatest honor as the citizen of the Republic in the struggle for building grand monumental edifices and large architectural groups of the era of Workers' Party every year since 2012.

Many athletes and coaches who created new legendary stories about the sports of socialist Korea and made the national flag of the Republic fly high in the sky above the world have become heroes, the pride of the country.

The number of maternal heroes who mothered many children and are bringing them up well has been increased.

The ranks of meritorious persons of patriotism have increased in the historic struggle for accelerating the comprehensive development of the Republic, further consolidating the cornerstone of the country.

400-odd intellects have won the title of people's scientist or merited scientist and 100-odd others the title of people's technologist or merited technologist since 2012.

Many lecturers and officials have led a worthy life.

A lot of educators in the sector of education have become meritorious person of socialist patriotism and over 150 teachers have won the title of people's teacher or merited teacher.

The ranks of meritorious persons of patriotism have signally increased in the struggle for further strengthening the self-supporting foundation of the national economy and increasing production.

High-yielding farmers across the country have discharged their duty as masters responsible for the granary of the country.

A great many patriots have recorded their worthwhile trace while covering the mountains of the country with green woods.

More than 880 persons have been awarded the titles of honor including the title of Merited Electrician, the title of Merited Coal Miner, the title of Merited Boilerman, the title of Merited Smelter, the title of Merited Engineman, the title of Merited Miner, the title of Merited Calcinations Worker, the title of Merited Mechanical Engineer, the title of Merited Weaver, the title of Merited Operator of Lather No. 26 and the title of Merited Road Cleaner over the past 10 years.

360-odd creators, artistes, journalists and pressmen were awarded the title of honor.

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un has bestowed great benevolence on the officials and working people who became the cornerstone of the building of a powerful socialist country and fully supported it with the pride and consciousness as befitting citizens of the dignified Republic, appreciating their patriotic deeds.

Labor innovators and merited persons in several sectors received a worthwhile honor thanks to the great trust and loving care of Kim Jong Un.

The independent dignity and creative ability of the patriotic people, which is the most precious treasure of the country and the greatest national power, have been remarkably developed in the ongoing sacred struggle for opening up a new and vigorous phase of national development, filled with the confidence in certain victory.


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