National Symbols Reflecting Soul and Spirit of Korean Nation​


Pyongyang, September 7 (KCNA) -- The national symbols of the DPRK represent the noble patriotic intention of the peerlessly great men who loved the country and the nation most and glorified them forever, and the soul and spirit of the nation.

Based on deep meaning that our state should be a genuine people's country where the masses have become the masters of everything and be built into a democratic state serving the broad working masses, President Kim Il Sung made sure that the country was called the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and the national emblem, national flag, national anthem and other national symbols reflect the revolutionary, popular and national characters of the DPRK.

In order to defend and glorify the exploits of Kim Il Sung for nation-building, Chairman Kim Jong Il saw to it that the national emblem and national flag were perfected as they were and detailed regulations for them were worked out, thus glorifying them as eternal treasures of Kim Il Sung's nation.

In the days of leading the struggle to realize the patriotic desire of the President and the Chairman for building a powerful country, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un paid deep attention to making the national symbols of the DPRK be national and popular ones which are absolutely approved by the people.

The name of the DPRK means that it is a people's state guaranteeing genuine political freedom and rights and happy material and cultural life for the working masses.

The national emblem and national anthem also reflect the glorious revolutionary traditions carried forward by the DPRK, the single-minded unity of the DPRK in which the leader and people form a harmonious whole, the unity and brilliant culture of the Korean nation, the bright future of the country which will demonstrate its might as a prosperous and civilized power of independence and the firm faith and will to develop the DPRK into a dignified country of the people forever.

The national language, national flower, national tree and national bird are also symbolic of the soul and spirit of resourceful, hard-working, strong and courageous Korean nation and its ardent patriotism and excellent national cultural tradition.

The national symbols associated with the deep loving care of the peerlessly great men to fully demonstrate the spirit of the Korean nation instill into the Korean people the great pride and honor of being citizens of Juche Korea.


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