President Kim Il Sung's Immortal Exploits for Development of Juche-based Education​


President Kim Il Sung published his immortal classic work "Theses on Socialist Education" on Sept. 5, Juche 66 (1977).

The work is an immortal great programme for socialist education which gives encyclopedic solutions to all the theoretical and practical problems arising in training people into genuine revolutionary talents of Juche type. It is also a library of Juche-oriented education produced by the peerlessly great man's immeasurably noble outlook on the rising generation.

The President provided a tradition of revolutionary education in the period of the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle, established the popular educational system after Korea's liberation and resolved every problem arising in education.

Even during the grim war decisive of the fate of the country, he made sure that educational work continued and took a measure for recalling students of universities and colleges from on the front.

He built schools on the debris after the war before everything else. He enforced the universal compulsory primary education and compulsory secondary education for the first time in the East and provided the universal 11-year compulsory education system for the first time in the world.

Thanks to the leadership of the President who advanced the great programme for socialist education and provided a model of Juche-based and popular socialist education, reading aloud reverberated across the country.

He, who ushered in a great heyday in the development of Juche-based education, put his heart and soul into the development of the country's education till the last period of his revolutionary career.

Many educational institutions at all levels from primary schools to universities and colleges, have been built across the country thanks to his warm outlook on the rising generation. As a result, the DPRK became a country of education, a country of learning where all the people study.

Today, the great vitality of the President's theses on socialist education is being displayed more fully under the wise leadership of the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un writing a new history of valuing the future generation.


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