Japan's Crime-woven History​


Pyongyang, August 30 (KCNA) -- On September 1, 1923, a great earthquake hit Kanto area of Japan, leaving at least 200 000 people dead and more than 1.2 million homeless.

At that time, the victims and other people of Japan expressed discontent at the government which was taking a hands-off approach toward the disaster.

In order to allay the growing protest, the Japanese imperialists invented rumors about "incendiary fire" and "uprising" and then announced a "wartime martial law", creating a horrible terror-ridden atmosphere. Carried in the "martial law" was such content that the Korean residents should be defined as "enemy" and mercilessly killed.

The Japanese imperialist killers had barbarously massacred innocent Koreans with such lethal weapons as guns, swords, spears and clubs. After all, at least 23 000 Koreans were killed by such hideous slaughter.

This organized and premeditated massacre, beyond human imagination in brutality and viciousness, was an extra-large state-sponsored crime that can never be justified.

However, Japan still now denies and embellishes such bloody aggression crimes committed in the last century as the massacre of Koreans during the great Kanto quake.

Recently, it has got hell-bent on the formation of the triangular alliance for aggression, by announcing, together with the U.S. and the south Korean puppets, that they would expand and conduct the joint military drills on a regular basis.

The discharge of nuclear-polluted water from the Fukushima Atomic Power Plant clearly shows the true colors of the Japanese reactionaries who do not hesitate to do anything for their interests.

The Korean people will surely settle accounts with Japan which is inflicting huge disasters upon mankind for centuries.


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