Association for Restoration of Fatherland Proves Vitality of Nationwide Unity


May 5 marks the anniversary of the foundation of the Association for the Restoration of the Fatherland (ARF), the first anti-Japanese national united front in Korea.

The founding of the ARF was a great event that provided a fresh turn in the anti-Japanese national united front movement in our country.

Since the start of the anti-Japanese revolutionary war, President Kim Il Sung put forward the great unity of the whole nation as the fundamental prerequisite for the sacred cause of national liberation and firmly rallied all the Korean people.

At the Nanhutou meeting, he made sure that a decision on the establishment of a nationwide united front was adopted and positive preparations for its realization made. He personally worked out the programme, rules and inaugural declaration of the ARF despite the difficult situation in which the march and battles were going on ceaselessly on the way from Nanhutou to Donggang.

On the basis of such preparations, he held the Donggang meeting in May Juche 25 (1936) and declared the foundation of the ARF as a permanent anti-Japanese national united front and a powerful underground revolutionary organization.

With the foundation of the ARF, the anti-Japanese national united front movement could develop more organizationally and systematically on a nationwide scale in combination with the anti-Japanese armed struggle, and could also mobilize all anti-Japanese forces to the struggle for national liberation.

Under the guidance of the President, the ARF organizations were prepared as the powerful forces enabling the entire nation to turn out in the final battle against the Japanese imperialists all at the same time.

They made a considerable contribution to driving the Japanese imperialists to defeat.

This is well evidenced by the fact that the Japanese imperialists reportedly founded out at least 180 anti-Japanese underground organizations and over 500 000 organized forces in the homeland.

Indeed, the ARF was an example of the nationwide unity provided by the President while leading the national liberation struggle in our country and a nationwide united front organization which proved the vitality of unity.


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