Truth of Dangerous Trip for Nuclear War Disclosed: KCNA Commentary​


Pyongyang, April 30 (KCNA) -- Recently, Yoon Suk Yeol, the puppet traitor, traveled across the Atlantic to the U.S.

This trip, aimed to draw up a sinister plan between the master and the stooge to annihilate the DPRK, is the most hostile, aggressive and provocative, dangerous trip for a nuclear war.

The U.S. and the south Korean puppets regarded the proposal for raising the practicality of the U.S. "extended deterrence" as the main topic for discussion at the so-called "summit talks" and plotted the issue of strengthening conspiracy against the DPRK. Then, they fabricated and announced "Washington Declaration" and a "joint statement".

The "Washington Declaration" on raising the practicality of the "extended deterrence" provided by the U.S. is a typical product of the heinous hostile policy towards the DPRK.

A scrutiny into the two main contents being the essential part of the "Washington Declaration" clearly reveals the cunning scheme of the U.S.

With such contents as the establishment of a "Nuclear Consultative Group" to allow the south Korean puppets to take an active part in consultations on "nuclear weapons employment" and the strengthening of "extended deterrence" through extending the deployment of U.S. strategic assets to the Korean Peninsula including a strategic nuclear submarine and improving combined military exercises and simulation training, anyone can know well that they are making a nuclear war against the DPRK a fait accompli.

Until now, confidential and many other talks have been held between the U.S. and the puppets and every time they took place, documents filled with bellicose phrases have been published. But, there is no precedent that they designated the DPRK as a target for a nuclear attack publicly to the world and nakedly stated regular and sustained deployment of strategic nuclear assets to the Korean Peninsula, like this time.

The "joint statement", too, is absolutely identical with a dangerous nuclear war plot putting up the signboard of security, as it documents the Strategic Cybersecurity Cooperation Framework between the U.S. and the puppets and confirms the "strengthened trilateral cooperation" among the U.S., the south Korean puppets and Japan and their real-time sharing of information on the DPRK and the regular military drills for more effectively "deterring and responding" to "nuclear and missile threats" of the DPRK.

Through this, the U.S. and the south Korean puppets made their scheme for invasion against the DPRK more clear.

So far, the U.S. has staged large-scale combined military exercises and all sorts of war drills against the DPRK together with its vassal forces, introducing diverse strategic assets and colossal numbers of aggression forces into the Korean Peninsula and its vicinities.

This time, it stipulated that it deploys strategic nuclear bombers, nuclear carrier task forces and even strategic nuclear submarines near the territorial waters of the DPRK and makes it public, talking about further enhancing "regular visibility", which means regular and sustained deployment and active disclosure of nuclear strategic assets. This is a situation that can never be overlooked.

What is more serious is that U.S. president Biden dared to make frantic and reckless remarks about "the end of regime" towards the DPRK while becoming vociferous about a "swift, overwhelming and decisive response" at a press conference after the talks.

The above-said utterance made under the very eyes of the world to destroy a sovereign state is a savage act that can be done only by the U.S., a hooligan state of a rare kind and an empire of evil.

By doing so, the U.S. revealed by itself the falsity and impudence of the gibberish about "dialogue" that it has "no hostile intents" to the DPRK, and its inveterate hostility towards the DPRK that has reached its marrow.

The unstable military and political situation on the Korean Peninsula created by ceaseless war drills and regular and sustained deployment of U.S. strategic assets from the outset of this year has reached a more dangerous phase due to the recent "declaration", "statement" and reckless remarks.

As shown by the very hostile rhetorical expressions and evident actions of the U.S. and the puppets, they, in the future, too, are scheming to persist in nuclear war moves against the DPRK under the pretext of "providing extended deterrence" and "strengthened alliance". Under such situation, it is quite natural for the DPRK to bolster up its military deterrence corresponding to the grave security environment of the present and the future.

The traitor Yoon's visit to the U.S. made it possible to reconfirm the hostile intention of the U.S. and the puppets which can never be changed but has become more reckless. This shows that the DPRK should neither hesitate nor stop for even a little and even a moment to become stronger and more thoroughly prepared.

We cannot but talk about the shameful and disgusting behavior of the puppet traitor Yoon Suk Yeol who made during his cowardly visit to the U.S.

The traitor made such foolish acts of subordinating south Korea's economy to the U.S., impudently interfering in the acute issues of Taiwan and Ukraine which are related to the core interests of neighboring countries and getting frantic in the efforts to build the triangular military alliance while letting loose reckless remarks that there is no need to examine the past of Japan. All these facts clearly show the slavish nature of a servant who seeks to curry favor with his master at any cost.

The true colors of the top-class traitor obsessed with confrontation with fellow countrymen have been fully revealed.

The traitor let loose a string of rhetoric that "the united determination with the U.S." is important to contain the DPRK, "he has full confidence in U.S. extended deterrence commitments" and "he will decisively respond to the threat from the north on the basis of stronger combined defence posture", sparking off the resentment of not only the people of the DPRK but all the fellow countrymen.

The puppet traitor Yoon Suk Yeol's treacherous and submissive acts to the U.S. are turning south Korea into a U.S. arsenal and advanced base for a nuclear war and hurting the security and interests of not only the Korean Peninsula but also the region.

The dangerous nuclear war moves of the U.S. and the puppet group running amuck in stifling the DPRK while denying its existence can never be pardoned, and they will have to pay dearly for their rash acts.


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