Truth behind Nord Stream Pipelines Explosion Incident​


Pyongyang, March 4 (KCNA) -- An Chol Hyok, an international affairs analyst, on Saturday made public an article titled "Truth behind the gas pipelines explosion incident being revealed gradually".

The full text of the article is as follows:

The international community is greatly shocked by an article, released by an American journalist, Seymour Hersh, some days ago, saying that the explosions of Nord Stream pipelines in September 2022 were caused by the remote-controlled explosion device installed by U.S. naval divers in strict secrecy under the direct order of Biden.

Another American journalist, John Dugan, too, disclosed the fact that U.S. naval divers, involved in the NATO naval military exercise "BALTOPS-2022" held in Baltic Sea in June last year, were engaged in long-time underwater work for the preparation of exploding Nord Stream pipelines after covertly leaving the training waters.

As already known, strong explosions occurred in the "Nord Stream-1" and "Nord Streams-2" pipelines, laid down in 40-60m depth of an exclusive economic water zone between Sweden and Denmark, late in September last year, causing gas leakage at four points.

As soon as the incident broke out, the U.S. and the West were keen on creating an atmosphere of denunciation against Russia, recklessly branding it as an intended act of Russia to aggravate the energy crisis in Europe.

Russia repeatedly proposed EU countries to organize a joint investigation group and throw an objective light on the truth of the incident through an international investigation, but the U.S. and the West parroted the "rumor about Russia's deed", feigning deafness.

Under such situation, American journalists contended that the Biden administration's plot was behind the Nord Stream pipelines explosion incident. This is very meaningful.

It is said that the real culprit of any case will be who gets biggest benefit from it.

If the "rumor about Russia's deed", claimed by the U.S., is true, what benefit Russia will get from the destruction of gas pipelines constructed by itself at the cost of more than 10 billion US dollars, and can it return for huge profits that will be made with "Nord Stream" for decades in future?

It is unreasonable to lend ears to the assertion of the U.S. and the West.

Then, who will be most benefited by the Nord Stream pipelines explosion incident?

It is none other than the U.S. which had been anxious to push Russia's natural gas out of the European market and instead introduce its expensive liquefied gas into it.

Substantial is also the strategic interests that the U.S. will get by blocking the "Nord Stream", which has served as an obstacle in inciting European countries to the confrontation with Russia.

It is not fortuitous for experts on the international affairs to have argued that the theory about Nord Stream pipelines explosion by the U.S. is authentic, in consideration of the fact the U.S. regards it as a main link of the isolation and deterrence strategy towards Russia to block Russia's gas export and push it out of the European gas market, and that Wall Street is hosting a party in celebration of their gas delivery expanded after the explosion of the Nord Stream pipelines, drinking a "blood-soaked wine".

As regards the journalists' assertion, officials of the National Security Council and the Department of State of the U.S. are making rhetoric that press reports on the attack on Nord Stream pipelines carried out on the order of Biden are totally fiction and ballyhoo.

It may be a shame that its journalists branded the U.S. as the real offender from a fair stand. Anyhow, there is no reason for the U.S. to oppose Russia-proposed international investigation, if it is upright.

The awl in the sack can never be hidden, and the truth about crime is bound to be probed at any time.

The U.S. must be given due punishment before the world for its crime that brought a serious negative effect on the energy security and ecological environment in the European region by conspiratorially sabotaging the Nord Stream pipelines, a multinational energy infrastructure.

The international community should heighten vigilance against the vicious high-handed, arbitrary and conspiratorial maneuverings of the U.S. which resorts to all sorts of despicable means and methods for its hegemonic position and greed, taking no account of the interests of not only its rivals but also its junior "allies".


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