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New Era of Rural Development Opens in Year 2022​


Pyongyang, December 29 (KCNA) -- A new era of socialist rural development was open and innovative entities were born this year in the struggle to implement the new programme of rural revolution of the Workers' Party of Korea.

The world's largest greenhouse farm was built at the Ryonpho area in Hamju County, South Hamgyong Province of the DPRK as a new center of creating Korean-style rural civilization and the first-stage project of reconstruction and modernization of the Kumsong Tractor Factory was completed to lay a foundation capable of mass-producing high-performance tractors and farm machines.

The new-type mobile rice combine threshers, small rice harvesters, combine corn threshers and combine soil management machines produced by the workers of the DPRK took the first step of rural mechanization in the granaries around the West Sea of Korea this year.

In the first year when the rural construction started on a full scale according to the programme for socialist rural construction, modern houses showing present-day civilization and the characteristics of each area were built in provinces, cities and counties.

The successes of this year are ascribable to the devoted efforts of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who set forth the programme for rural revolution to usher in a great new era of making a leap forward in the development of socialist countryside by vigorously accelerating rural development and wisely led the struggle to implement it.

Concerned for the issue of vegetable supply for the people of South Hamgyong Province, Kim Jong Un personally came to the spot and chose the site and guided the construction of the greenhouse farm as becoming its owner. Thus, the Ryonpho Greenhouse Farm was built as the new standard of the greenhouse farm in the country.

He led the Kumsong Tractor Factory to be turned into a core factory which would surely guarantee the general mechanization of agriculture, and gave detailed instructions to the munitions industrial sector to produce farm machines in conformity with the actual conditions of the country.

He indicated the problems arising in stepping up the state's preparations for rural construction, made sure that the layouts of rural houses were completed according to the characteristics of each area in order to provide a better living environment to the agricultural working people and led the whole course of construction. So, the appearance of the countryside began to change thanks to his devoted efforts.

Through this year's struggle, the people of the DPRK have keenly realized that the road of implementing the Party's programme of rural revolution is the road of bringing earlier the bright future of the socialist countryside.



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