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Taesongsan Ice Cream Factory Born of Love for People​


Pyongyang, December 26 (KCNA) -- The policies of the Workers' Party of Korea for making the people's life more civilized and promoting their well-being have been materialized.

One of them is the Taesongsan Ice Cream Factory built at the foot of picturesque Mt Taesong.

The factory is associated with the devoted efforts of the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un who has worked heart and soul to provide the people with the richest and happiest life in the world.

One day in August three years ago, the General Secretary told a senior official of the Party Central Committee that a modern ice cream factory specializing in the production of ice cream should be built.

After naming it the Taesongsan Ice Cream Factory and choosing the site for its construction, he gave concrete guidance to all the problems arising in the construction and took a special measure to make sure that the project was pushed forward without interruption despite the protracted emergency anti-epidemic situation.

He saw to it that a decision related with the construction of the factory was adopted at a plenary meeting of the Party Central Committee to push forward the project as a nationwide one. While setting forth the work orientations of the Party and the state for this year, he called for finishing the project as soon as possible to benefit the people.

He also took practical measures to ensure that the ice cream and drinks produced by the factory are sold at the commercial networks and units that demand them.

Since its inauguration, the factory has produced a large number of famous products such as blueberry ice cream, strawberry ice cream, peach syrup and apple carbonated juice to delight the citizens, especially children.

Whoever tasted the goods of the factory are very grateful to the respected General Secretary, praising their excellent taste and quality.



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