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Names of War Heroes, Symbol of Victory and Glory​


Pyongyang, July 27 (KCNA) -- Names of heroes of the Fatherland Liberation War are shining as the symbol of victory and glory in the DPRK thanks to the noble moral obligation of the Workers' Party of Korea.

Ri Su Bok and Jo Kun Sil sacrificed themselves for the only motherland. For handing down their feats forever, universities in Sunchon and Wonsan are called Sunchon Ri Su Bok University of Chemical Engineering and Wonsan Jo Kun Sil University of Technology and their busts were erected there.

Jo Ok Hui was arrested by the enemies in the stragetic temporary retreat period and lost her eyes, but she shouted "Long Live General Kim Il Sung!" at an execution site. Her name is given to Haeju Jo Ok Hui Teacher Training College.

Many schools are called with the names of heroes including Jang Thae Hwa, Kim Ok Gun, Ri Ung Son and Hwang Sun Bok who opened up the route of charge of their units by blocking enemy's pillboxes with their chests.

The precious names of the war heroes can be seen in their birthplaces, flags of youth shock brigades, and the names of many youth shock brigades throughout the country.



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