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Miserable Fate of Murderous "Generals"​


Pyongyang, July 21 (KCNA) -- Every year, the DPRK people significantly celebrate the day of war victory when they displayed fireworks of victory after defeating the U.S. imperialists boasting of being the "strongest" in the world.

However, the U.S imperialists have waged outrageous and mean farces in order to alleviate their shameful defeat and agony in the Korean War (June 25, 1950-July 27, 1953), describing their defeat as "war victory" and "forgotten victory".

The defeat recorded in history cannot be "war victory".

When the U.S. imperialists suffered defeat in every battle from the outbreak of the war ignited by them, they mobilized all murderous "generals" who practiced the war tactics of slaughtering and looting and performed "brilliant feats" in the aggressive wars.

Nevertheless, their operations faced a series of defeats in the Korean War.

Dean, commander of the U.S. 24th Infantry Division who boasted of the invincibleness, made his division totally destroyed and was captured by a soldier of the Korean People's Army while fleeing in military uniform of his soldier and thus plunged the prestige of the U.S. into the mud.

Walker, commander of the U.S. 8th Army Corps who was promoted with the tactics of extermination, was killed in an ambush of a KPA unit.

The murderous "generals" of the U.S. imperialists were dismissed in succession in the protracted war.

When the "general Christmas offensive" faced fiasco in the end of 1950, the war situation brought shameful end on MacArthur styling himself "Napoleon in the east".

Ridgway and Clark were branded as "defeated generals", and the new commander of the U.S. 8th Army Corps was dismissed as "incompetent commanding officer".

The commander of the 9th Army Corps of the U.S. imperialists was driven into the River Han to death together with a warplane, and the commander of the U.S. First Marine Division was called "grave general".



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