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Kumgang Medical Stone Beverage Popular among DPRK People​


Pyongyang, July 12 (KCNA) -- Shortly ago, ten-odd new stalls serving the Kumgang medical stone beverage have appeared in different parts of Pyongyang, the capital city of the DPRK, to delight the citizens.

Those new stalls serve the Kumgang medical stone beverage, treated with various ultra-modern water-processing technologies.

Many people favor this beverage as it is very good for health and treatment.

The stalls serving the beverage are associated with the warm loving care of the peerlessly great men.

President Kim Il Sung personally named the newly-discovered mineral stone "Kumgang Medical Stone" and called for making good use of it in the treatment of the people and the protection of environment and other fields by deepening the research on it.

Chairman Kim Jong Il made sure that production bases were established and stalls installed for citizens to drink the Kumgang medical stone beverage as they please.

Officials and researchers of the Suhung Technology Exchange Company under the Pyongyang City Water Supply and Sewage Management Bureau had conducted the research to develop the beverage into a better health drink.

In the course, a new Kumgang medical stone beverage with better taste and higher effect was developed through introduction of advanced technologies into the production.



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