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Crimes Done by U.S. Imperialists in Korean War​


Pyongyang, July 4 (KCNA) -- During the Korean War (June 25, 1950-July 27, 1953), the U.S. imperialist aggressors had destroyed and plundered precious cultural assets of the Korean nation in different parts of the DPRK.

In 1951, the U.S. air pirates dropped bombs at random on Yujom Temple, the largest one of the four famous temples in Mt Kumgang, thus destroying more than 40 buildings, stone lantern, nine-storied pagoda and other cultural heritages at the temple. They also reduced to ashes Yongmyong Temple in Pyongyang, Pohyon Temple in Mt Myohyang, Sokwang Temple in Mt Ko and Jangan, Phyohun and Singye temples in Mt Kumgang.

The Pubyok Pavilion in Pyongyang, the Puyong Pavilion in Haeju City, the Tongmyong House in Songchon County of South Phyongan Province, the Nam Gate in Kaesong City, the Nam Gate in Uiju County of North Phyongan Province, the Wisong House in Huichon City of Jagang Province, etc. were destroyed by the bombing attack of the U.S. imperialists.

The U.S. imperialists used the three tombs in Kangso, the national treasure of the country, as an ammunition depot and the Ryonggang twin-pillared tomb as a prison. They committed an unpardonable atrocity of destroying the Tomb No. 3 in Anak.

The U.S. imperialist aggressors plundered many cultural assets in the temporary occupation areas of the DPRK.

They attacked the then State Central History Museum in Pyongyang for a week to plunder thousands of pieces of precious cultural heritages, including 100-odd pieces of national treasure-level historical relics.

They also plundered tens of thousands of historical relics at history museums in Wonsan, Hamhung, Haeju and other parts of the DPRK as well as many historical remains at temples.

They dug out hundreds of tombs in the area of Jongbaek-dong, Rangnang District of Pyongyang City, early in November 1950 to steal thousands of pieces of historical remains.

They even stormed into inhabitants' houses to loot such heirlooms as Koryo ceramics, precious metals and gold rings and personal ornaments.



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