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Spirit of Devotedly Defending Leader Fully Displayed by First Generation of Revolution​


Pyongyang, April 26 (KCNA) -- The spirit of devotedly defending the leader and the indomitable revolutionary spirit of braving all difficulties and hardships are the noble tradition created by the revolutionary army in the period of anti-Japanese armed struggle.

The anti-Japanese revolutionary fighters remained faithful to the leader's idea and cause, cherishing the firm faith that they can win victory in the revolution, only when they devotedly defend the leader.

Lauding President Kim Il Sung as the sun of the nation and the lodestar of national liberation, they defended the headquarters of the revolution at the cost of their lives and unconditionally and thoroughly carried out his orders.

They made the enemies heading towards the headquarters persistently follow them and always wished their commander good health.

Among them were a fighter who cut off his tongue with his teeth in jail not to blurt out a secret about the headquarters' whereabouts and a fighter who shouted, when she was deprived of her eyes by enemies, that she could still see victory of revolution.

They fought against the gangster-like Japanese imperialists armed to the teeth, overcoming all difficulties and hardships in the indomitable fighting spirit.

The Korean People's Revolutionary Army developed into an army strong in idea and faith, fully prepared politico-ideologically, mentally and morally under the loving care of Kim Il Sung, and overwhelmed the enemies' superiority in numbers and military technique with its politico-ideological superiority.

Today the Korean People's Army has successfully carried forward the spirit of devotedly defending the leader and the indomitable revolutionary spirit displayed by the first generation of the revolution, regarding them as the lifeblood of the revolutionary armed forces and eternal lineage of revolution.


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