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Japan's Scheme for Securing "Capability to Attack Enemy Bases" Criticized​


Pyongyang, April 20 (KCNA) -- Japan has set out on building up its missile forces in earnest to secure the "capability to attack enemy bases".

At a closed security hearing of the Liberal Democratic Party on April 5, the Ministry of Defense of Japan officially announced its plan to expand the long-range missile forces of Japan in line with "state security strategy", "defense guidelines" and "midterm defense capability improvement outline" planned to be adopted in the yearend, and required securing the budget for its realization.

Under such plan, the Defense Equipment Agency is now putting spurs to the development of an improved type 12 ground-to-ship guided missile, a high performance one.

According to comments of the press, the improvement of this guided missile aimed to extend its range from 200 kilometers to 900 kilometers can be led to the development of missiles with longer ranges.

Besides, Japan is pouring enormous amount of military spending into the development of an anti-warship guided missile, so-called domestic Tomahawk with a range of 2 000 kilometers.

The fact goes to prove that Japan's possession of "capability to attack enemy bases" is getting closer to reality.

In the mid-1950s, Japan once drew criticism of the international community by presenting an absurd interpretation of the law that the possession of "capability to attack enemy bases" conditionally belongs to the sphere of self-defense. It has since tactfully effected build-up of the "Self-Defense Forces" by developing and introducing military hardware for dual use in attack and defense on a large scale.

Under the regime of Abe, in particular, it freely introduced offensive military hardware including the latest stealth fighters in disregard of the principle of "exclusive defense" and stretched its hands even to space and cyber fields. Such moves fully revealed Japan's true nature as a bellicose state seeking "more than necessary".

Making the possession of "capability to attack enemy bases" a fait accompli, Japan has buckled down to its realization, since it regarded the present instable trend of world political situation as a good chance for hastening the build-up of the SDF.

In actuality, the Japanese reactionaries are now getting hell-bent on the possession of "capability to attack enemy bases", calling for strengthened "deterrent" against the DPRK and China.

Japan's access to the "capability attacking enemy base" is, in fact, little different from the possession of preemptive attack capability as it aims to get a military power for striking its rivals outside of their attack range.

Moreover, Japan will not get content with developing and introducing one or two kinds of military hardware like anti-warship guided missiles, for its invariable revanchist reinvasion ambition.

It is Japan's ulterior intention to realize its wild ambition for continental reinvasion by making preemptive strikes on neighboring countries after enhancing its capability of offensive operation in the air and sea and on the ground under the signboard of "self-defense".

Herein lies the dangerous nature of Japan's access to the "capability of attacking enemy bases".

The international community is denouncing the Japanese reactionaries' maneuvers for access to the "capability" as part of Japan's scheme to emerge a military power and a prelude to the realization of its wild ambition for overseas aggression.

Japan should not misjudge. If it sets out on the road of bloody aggression again, oblivious of its crime-woven history, Japan will face a miserable destruction.


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