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KCNA Commentary on Japan's Scheme for Reinvasion


Pyongyang, January 6 (KCNA) -- Japan took another step toward the realization of its wild ambition for becoming a military giant.

At a security hearing on Dec. 20 last year, the Liberal Democratic Party discussed the issues of making draft amendments to the "state security strategy", the "defense guidelines" and the "midterm defense capability buildup outline", which are called the pivot of its diplomatic and security policies, before submitting them to the government by May of this year, and of adopting a new national "defense strategy".

Meanwhile, the Japanese authorities opened to the press that at least 800 million US$ would be included in the draft budget for 2022 as funds for developing fighters for the Air "Self-Defense Force".

As well known, Japan has long left no stone unturned to pave the path for engaging in war and launching reinvasion by removing the obstacles to its free overseas military moves.

Under the pretext of coping with someone's "threat", it has constantly revised and updated the "defense guidelines" and the "midterm defense capability buildup outline" to definitely turn the SDF, specified as a group for "exclusive defense" by the international order and the constitution, into an offensive force of aggression.

Notably in December 2013, under the cloak of making a positive contribution to world peace and stability, it announced the first "national security strategy" based on the idea of "proactive pacifism" that "Japan should develop its ability and role in terms of security, free from the shackles of disallowing it to engage in war", thus fueling its moves for militarism and reinvasion.

Japan's current cutting-edge war equipment for a preemptive attack which can't be explained to be for "defense" and the SDF's frequent overseas advance would be unthinkable without the militarist maniacs' criminal policies and law amendments.

Nevertheless, the Japanese reactionaries are mulling newly stipulating the possession of the "ability to attack enemy bases" in the "national security strategy" and even dreaming of drawing up the state "defense strategy".

All these facts prove that the Japanese reactionaries' militaristic moves for laying a legal, military springboard for realizing Japan's wild ambition for overseas invasion have reached an extremely dangerous phase.

It is a matter of time for buoyed Japan to repeat its past crime of plunging the regional people into distress.

Mankind never wants the bloody "flag of the rising sun" to be flied again in the world.

If Japan, preoccupied with the criminal ambition for reinvasion, dares disregard the demand and desire of mankind and the international community, it will not escape the miserable fate of destruction.


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