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Korean People's Patriotism


Pyongyang, January 4 (KCNA) -- The DPRK people are leading a happy life under the socialist system centered on the masses and devoting their sincerity to the prosperity of the grateful homeland.

Such picture can be seen through the life of Kim Yong Nyo, an ordinary woman living in Changsong County of North Phyongan Province.

Kim is the mother of triplets. From the period of her pregnancy, she had been under the solicitous care of the state. That's why she has been working at a shock brigade for the county construction with a mind to live up to the benevolence of the state. And she had always told her three daughters that it is regrettable that she could not live up to the love bestowed on her family.

Out of desire to repay the loving care of the state, the triplets volunteered to join in the People's Army and work at the socialist countryside after graduating from a senior middle school last year.

A few months ago, Kim Yong Nyo received letters from two daughters in military service. In the letters, her children wrote that they would return home after performing great feats.

In an interview with KCNA, Kim said that she felt the honor of being a family of servicepersons after reading the letters and hardened her will to do many things for the country.

As seen above, it is the reality of the DPRK society that all the people regard it as their great happiness of life to walk the road of patriotism.


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