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Great Leadership over Building Sci-tech Power


Pyongyang, December 30 (KCNA) -- Today, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is opening an avenue of prosperity, overcoming all sorts of obstacles to the advance toward a socialist power in the spirit of self-reliance and by dint of science and technology.

Over the last ten years, its people have achieved remarkable successes by giving priority to science and technology.

Such progress is attributable to the energetic guidance of the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un who saw to it that science and technology played the role of an engine for the economic development to press ahead the building of a socialist power.

Kim Jong Un made public many famous works including "We Must Put the Production and Construction on Scientific Footing by Applying the Idea of Attaching Importance to Science and Technology" and "Scientists Should Contribute to the Building of a Prosperous Country with Great Scientific Research Achievements" to indicate the position and importance of science and technology in building a socialist power and the tasks and ways for its rapid development.

He also gave teachings on the importance of the scientists and technicians' duty while visiting science and education institutions and many other units.

He made sure that the Sci-Tech Complex was built into a multi-functional grand seat of learning for all the people and a latest sci-tech learning space and the slogan of making all the people well versed in science and technology was put forward. Under his wise guidance, a tele-education system was established at major universities and sci-tech learning spaces came into being at institutions at all levels, industrial establishments and farms in provinces, cities and counties, thus making it possible for the officials and working people to learn while working on the spot.

The General Secretary praised the scientists and technicians, who achieved advanced sci-tech successes, as revolutionaries and patriots and took steps to provide them with Unha Scientists Street, Wisong Scientists Residential District, Mirae Scientists Street, the Yonphung Scientists Holiday Camp, etc.

The DPRK people are now full of determination to bring earlier the new era of a great power thriving by dint of science under the leadership of the General Secretary.


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