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KCNA Commentary Blasts Japan's Reckless Military Moves


Pyongyang, December 30 (KCNA) -- Japan recently opened to public sophisticated aegis ship Haguro, citing its security environment getting harsher. In its wake, it launched a new-type escort ship Mikuma capable of performing diverse missions such as anti-sub battle, air defence and underwater battles, mine removal and search.

Such dangerous moves can never be overlooked as they show Japan's engagement in the legally banned reinforcement of combat capability allegedly to cope with "threat in surroundings" and its scheme to realize its old dream of the "Greater East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere".

Now Japan's armed forces have become truly offensive enough to provoke a world war at any moment with its commitment to the "exclusive defence" before the international community far exceeding the red line.

The Japanese authorities have become desperate in their bid to maximize war capability in the land, sea and space. With the record input of defence spending year after year, they set the military expenditure for 2022 at 5400.5 billion yen, a 58.3 billion yen rise from the one earlier this year, and even decided on the record additional budget for this year only to reveal its design to spur the development and purchase of ultra-modern arms and equipment.

If the introduction of offensive war means like long-range cruise missiles and carriers dreamed of by Japan, especially the possession of the "ability to attack enemy bases", was realized, the world would face a graver danger of war. The country not redressing its past invasion of its neighbors while retaining the misguided view on history by exalting war crimes as "just things" is bound to bring calamity to humankind. Japan's reinvasion is a matter of time.

Now, many countries including the DPRK and China are closely watching Japan's ill-boding military moves with high vigilance. Even the Japanese political circle has become vocal to stop it, fearing that "Japan is entering the dangerous area beyond imagination, unhindered".

Japan's arms buildup backed by the rhetoric about "threat from surroundings" convinces the international community of the importance of its alliance for peace against Japan.

The Japanese reactionaries' reckless reinvasion moves will plunge the island country into a bottomless abyss.


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