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Korean-style Dance Suite


Pyongyang, December 28 (KCNA) -- In the DPRK, dance suite has a long tradition.

Today, new and peculiar dance suites suited to the requirements of the times have been created to further enrich the flower garden of the dancing art.

Typical of them are dance suite "Chollima" and folk dance suites "People in the Walled City of Pyongyang" and "Song of the Seasons".

The folk dance suite "People in the Walled City of Pyongyang" was created in Juche 86 (1997). It wonderfully depicts in 13 parts the patriotism and bravery displayed by the people in the Walled City of Pyongyang in the battles against outsiders' aggression, and graceful manners and customs of the diligent and wise Korean people and their beautiful aspiration.

This art piece combines well the music with dance on the basis of national music tunes and melodies so as to maintain consistency in ideological and artistic content suited to the features of the folk dance suite. The work was performed abroad in 2001 to win a great admiration.

A dance suite "Our Golden Country", consisting of a prelude, three scenes and epilogue, vividly reflects the proud history of gold mountains, gold fields and gold seas provided under the wise leadership of the peerlessly great men with dance movements full of national emotion and optimism.

A dance suite "Self-reliance Is Best", created in recent years, shows well the daring stamina of the Korean people to bring earlier the rosy future of a powerful socialist nation by holding fast to self-reliance as a treasured sword for prosperity, through active rhythms rich in national emotion and songs of strong national coloring.


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