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Myohyangsan Wild Mulberry, Natural Monument


Pyongyang, November 19 (KCNA) -- A big wild mulberry grows in the vicinity of Pohyon Temple, a historic site in Mt Myohyang.

It is known that the tree was planted in around 1680.

It is 14.6 meters in height and 4 meters and 3 meters in the girths of its root collar and middle part. Its crown is 16.9 meters wide east and west and 15.1 meters north and south.

The tree is the tallest and oldest one in our country and has a big scientific significance. It also adds beauty to scenic Mt Myohyang.

In the past, the tree had been withering as it lived too long.

In April, Juche 43 (1954), President Kim Il Sung, looking round the vicinity of Pohyon Temple in Mt Myohyang, gave an instruction to take good care of the tree, saying that it is hardly to see such hundreds-year-old tree in other areas.

So, the withering tree came to life again.


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