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Rooftop Gardening in Ryomyong Street of Pyongyang


Pyongyang, November 19 (KCNA) -- Ryomyong Street in Pyongyang, the capital city of the DPRK, is attracting the attention of people for its peculiar rooftop gardening.

Rooftop gardening helps adjust the temperature of a building, purify air and enhance the landscape. It also provides the inhabitants with resting spaces.

Lawns with turf as the main were created on the roofs of high-rise apartment buildings and green belts consisting of flowers and trees were arranged on the roofs of relatively low-storied apartment buildings.

Rooftop gardening of public buildings is also distinctive.

Ryomyong Kindergarten built a vegetable greenhouse in the center of the roof and planted lawns, flowers and trees in its surroundings, thus ensuring the productivity and architectural beauty simultaneously. The greenhouse, designed to adjust the percentage of sunshine according to seasons and temperature, has turned out much vegetables.

Many units have introduced this kind of rooftop gardening.

The public interest in rooftop gardening is growing deeper in the country as the days go by.


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