Wide Cultivation of Persimmon Trees in DPRK


Pyongyang, October 12 (KCNA) -- The Korean people have cultivated persimmon tree from long ago.

It can be evidenced by historical data that Diospyros lotus was chosen as a stock of persimmon tree in the 12th century and by old books "Hyangyakgugupbang" and "Tonggukrisanggukjip" compiled in the 13th century.

Persimmon tree is highly resistant to insect and its fallen leaves become quality compost. That's why people have called it useful tree.

In old days, it was cultivated only in southern areas of Korea and some regions of South Hwanghae and Kangwon provinces. But now it is grown in Jongju area of North Phyongan Province and coastal area of South Hamgyong Province, too.

Tens of strains of persimmon including Anbyon, Yonan, Ongjin and Haeju varieties have been cultivated in the DPRK. A ripe persimmon abounds with sugar, pectin, carotenoid and vitamin C. It is used in making such nutritive foodstuffs as fruit punch, sweet rice dish and wine, as well as medicines.

The most famous variety is Anbyon persimmon, which has been widely grown in Anbyon and Thongchon areas of Kangwon Province. It is noted for sweetness and has become one of the local special products.

October and November are persimmon-ripening period in the country.


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