Pioneer of Korean Jewel Painting


Pyongyang, October 9 (KCNA) -- People's Artist and Dr. Sin Pong Hwa of the DPRK has created many famous fine art pieces for tens of years.

In particular, Sin developed a new art depiction method with unfading color powder to make a great contribution to the arts development in the country.

After graduating from Pyongyang University of Fine Arts, he came to work as an artist of the Korean Painting Creative Group of the Mansudae Art Studio.

In an interview with KCNA, Sin said:

In spring of Juche 73 (1984), I went to construction site of the Sangwon Cement Complex (then Sangwon Cement Factory) for agit-prop activities.

Seeing the coating material workers and technicians of the factory made with stone powder, I was struck with an idea to draw pictures with stone powder and came to produce some art pieces.

Chairman Kim Jong Il visited the Sangwon Cement Complex in August Juche 77 (1988) and saw the art pieces and highly estimated me.

Later, the Chairman named the newly created painting style Korean jewel painting and took a step to organize a creative group specializing in Korean jewel painting. He saw art pieces several times and indicated the orientation and ways related to the creation of works including the issue of creating bright, delicate and soft depiction suitable to the people's sentiment and emotion on the basis of Korean painting. And he wisely guided the work to make the Korean jewel painting take its position as an independent painting style in a short period and enter the road of new development.

Sin had worked as the first head of the Korean Jewel Painting Creative Group for 25 years. He is still now devoting his wisdom and passion to the creation of Korean jewel paintings.


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