Ulmi Incident, Japan's Hideous Crime of Violating Sovereignty


Pyongyang, October 9 (KCNA) -- Recorded in the history of Japan's aggression on Korea are lots of unprecedented brutal atrocities.

Among them is the case of assassination of Empress Myongsong in 1895, known as the Ulmi incident.

The Japanese militarists' moves to bring Korea into subjection by brigandish means reached an extreme in the late 19th century.

When its ambition to keep Korea under its control was not realized due to the pro-Russian and anti-Japanese policy of Empress Myongsong, the Japanese reactionary government worked out a plot to kill her. Empress Myongsong was the representative of Korea's sovereignty at that time as she had conducted the state affairs in the place of Emperor Kojong.

The Japanese militarists chose Lieut. Gen. Koro Miura, an ignorant and heinous military rough, as the executor of field operation to assassinate the empress and dispatched him as a Japanese minister to the Korean feudal state.

At dawn of October 8, a murder group formed with Japanese army and roughs stormed the imperial palace and detained the emperor and prince. And they killed court ladies at random in order to find out the empress and turned the imperial palace into sea of blood in a moment.

After recognizing the identity of the empress among dead ladies, the murderers rolled her in a quilt and put her on a woodpile. And they set fire on it and threw her remains in a pool to conceal their crime.

The then Russian minister to Korea testified to the incident in a telegraphic message sent to his country on October 9, 1895.

Later the Japanese militarists obtained the exclusive possession of all the historical materials of the Korean feudal government and removed all the records related to the Ulmi Incident, in an attempt to evade the responsibility for this crime.

The Korean people will never forget the hideous crime related to the Ulmi incident committed by the Japanese imperialists.


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