Research on Protection and Increase of Animal and Plant Resources Propelled in DPRK


Pyongyang, May 1 (KCNA) -- Researches on protecting and increasing the resources of animals and plants are brisk among scientific research institutions.

The Zoology Research Institute under the State Academy of Sciences, in cooperation with relevant units, conducts overall survey on all indices at wild animal sanctuaries across the country and analyzes and assesses animal species and their habitat conditions. Meanwhile it pushes ahead with the work to establish new sanctuaries in the areas where biological ecosystem is well preserved.

In particular, it steps up the material and technical preparations for increasing the number of goshawks, the national bird.

It also directs main efforts to settling the sci-tech problems in eco-preservation for rare or endangered species, ensuring of bio-diversity of their habitats and protection and propagation of useful animals.

The animal-breeding research institute of the Central Zoo, in close touch with scientific research institutions, preserves and breeds the pedigree stock of Phungsan Dog, the national dog, while promoting its good characters.

It exerts efforts to put the methods of breeding on a high scientific basis.

The Institute of the Central Botanical Garden has achieved successes by putting big efforts into developing the technologies of raising useful economic plants and garden plants and into breeding high-yielding species.

It intensifies research into raising pine tree, symbolic of the strong spirit of the Korean nation, to make it retain well its fineness and mood as befits the national tree.

It also pushes forward with writing books helpful to officials, working people and schoolchildren in deepening their knowledge of plants and common knowledge of gardening.


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