Technique of Making Koryo Celadon


Pyongyang, April 5 (KCNA) -- The Koryo celadon is well known to the world and its making technique was listed in the DPRK as a national intangible cultural heritage under the Workers' Party of Korea's policy on preserving cultural heritages.

The jade green Koryo celadon has taken a prominent position in the world history of ceramic workmanship for its rich variety, distinct color, patterns and shapes and high artistic value.

Its color reflects the emotion, hobby and taste of the Korean people who love bright, vivid and soft colors.

Inlaid celadon was made in the method of inlaying patterns in the surface, filling the inlaid patterns with soil of various colors and baking it after putting glaze on the surface. This technique harmonizes patterns, shapes and colors into one.

Today, varieties and shapes of celadon have been increased to considerably enhance the value of ceramic art.


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