Folk Songs, Musical Heritage of Korean Nation


Pyongyang, February 19 (KCNA) -- The Korean nation's main musical heritage is folk songs.

The Korean folk songs vividly reflect the wisdom, talents and emotion of the nation as well as the life of the people.

Typical of those songs is "Arirang" as it reflected the desire and wish of the people for a happy life.

Also, there are such folk songs as "Song of Loom", "Ballad of Mill", "Ballad of Roast Chestnut", "Kanggang Suwollae" and "Balloonflower", which mirror the labor life, the beauty of mountains and rivers and the struggle against foreign aggressors.

The folk songs have peculiar tune and well-organized pitch, melody and trill.

Such folk songs have been systemically found and arranged under the state care and represented freshly in accordance with the aesthetic taste of the times.


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