Light Comedy "Echo of Mountain" (2)


Pyongyang, February 15 (KCNA) -- President Kim Il Sungwatched the Light Comedy "Echo of Mountain" in October Juche 50 (1961), noting it is one of the excellent works created in recent years. And he stressed that everyone should devote patriotic sweat to the building of a thriving country like the heroes of comedy.

In December Juche 98 (2009), Chairman Kim Jong Il said that though half a century have passed since its creation, the comedy still has its great vitality and assigned the National Theatrical Troupe to a task for recreating the comedy. And he indicated all the issues arising in creating the work.

Thanks to his energetic guidance, the comedy suited to the new century could be created in a matter of four months.

Watching the comedy several times, the Chairman appreciated that it is an impeccable work.

The comedy, which won Kim Il Sung Prize on April 29, Juche 99 (2010), is still acclaimed by the audience for its high ideological and artistic value.


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