Forerunner in Setting New Standards and New Records


Pyongyang, February 11 (KCNA) -- At the Kumgol Mine run by the Komdok Mining Complex, a leading non-ferrous metal ore producer of the DPRK, there is Ko Kyong Chan-led Hero Workteam of the April 5 Pit, which is well known over the country for the creation of new standards and new records.

This mining workteam was formed with those born in the year Juche 50 (1961) when President Kim Il Sung visited the complex for the first time.

In January last when the 8th Congress of the Workers' Party of Korea was held, the workteam carried out its monthly assignment four times.

It has over-fulfilled its national economic plan every year since its formation, and hit the mineral production target of the five-year strategy for national economic development in 2018, true to the decisions of the 7th Party Congress.

When the 80-day campaign of loyalty, an all-people offensive, was launched in the country to successfully conclude the work for the year 2020 and significantly greet the 8th Party Congress, the workteam overfulfilled its assignment at 119 percent in one month to contribute to the country's economic development.

The first members of this workteam were all awarded the title of Labor Hero under the loving care of Chairman Kim Jong Il as they rendered great services to the mineral production. Their heroic tradition has been creditably carried forward.

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un sent a congratulatory message to the workteam that carried out its economic plan for 2017 by 101.5 percent on the occasion of the Day of the Sun, the birth anniversary of President Kim Il Sung.

Today, all the working people of the country are following the heroic fighting spirit of this workteam which performs constant miracles by dint of the spirit of self-reliance and self-development and science and technology.


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