Past Crimes Done by Japanese Imperialists against Korean Nation


Pyongyang, February 11 (KCNA) -- During their colonial rule over Korea, the Japanese imperialists committed such heinous crimes as chopping human body to use it as bait for fish catching.

In 1911, they concocted "Fishery Act", a predatory evil law, and ran amuck to plunder Korea of its marine resources. In the course they came to know that the sea off Monggumpho is a fishing ground full of flat back.

They forced Korean fishermen to catch fish without consideration of weather conditions. In a winter day of 1938, they schemed to use human flesh for bait in order to catch many more flat backs.

Cloaking their hideous scheme, the Japanese imperialists employed vagabonds as fishermen. And they took those fishermen on board and hacked them to pieces in the sea and used their flesh as bait for flat back catching. They hectored even patients into going out fishing and killed them in the sea.

Such brutal deeds were revealed with minced fingers and toes of human body found in internal organs of flat backs sold by the Japanese imperialists.

The then witnesses bitterly condemned the atrocities of the Japanese imperialists, saying that there is no cruel human butcher and ghoul like Japs in the world.


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