Slogans Praising Chairman Kim Jong Il as Shining Star of Mt Paektu


Pyongyang, February 9 (KCNA) -- In different parts of the DPRK, there are lots of trees and rocks bearing the revolutionary slogans written by members of the Korean People's Revolutionary Army, political operatives and members of revolutionary organizations during the anti-Japanese revolutionary war (1931-1945).

Among them are slogans praising Chairman Kim Jong Il as the "Shining Star of Mt Paektu".

Such slogans as "O Korea and fellow countrymen, we herald birth of the Shining Star of Mt Paektu" and "Future of Korea holding the Shining Star of Mt Paektu is bright" were discovered in the area of Mt Paektu and other parts of the country.

Those slogans reflect the great joy and pride of heralding the birth of the Shining Star of Mt Paektu to the world, the great glee of greeting the fortune of the Korean nation and the great hope for the rosy future of Korea.

They vividly show the successive loyalty the anti-Japanese revolutionary fighters had kept as their faith.


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