Great Auspicious Event Adding Glory to WPK


Pyongyang, January 11 (KCNA) -- After receiving the news that Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un was elected as the general secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) at the 8th Congress of the WPK, the DPRK people are filled with great pleasure and joy.

Kim Hyok Chol, an official of the Pyongyang City Committee of the WPK, told KCNA:

It is the solemn demand of the times and history and the general will of the people to invariably hold in high esteem Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un as the head of the WPK.

He is the popular leader possessed of the personality not only as a leader but also as a revolutionary and a human being at the noblest level.

Our people have keenly felt his traits as a great man while making revolution under his guidance with the start of the new century of Juche.

We will always remain intensely loyal to his leadership, cherishing as our unshakable faith the truth that our happiness and rosy future are guaranteed only when we follow the Supreme Leader.

Hong Song Chol, an officer of the Korean People's Army, said:

Having the respected Supreme Commander Kim Jong Un at the top post of the WPK is a manifestation of the absolute trust and firm support of all the service personnel and the civilians for him.

The officers and men of the People's Army are now full of revolutionary enthusiasm to accomplish the revolutionary cause of Juche pioneered in Mt Paektu, holding him in high esteem as the center of unity and leadership.

The People's Army will prepare itself more firmly as a reliable defender of our state and people, holding fast to the modeling of the entire army on Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism as the general task for army building.


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