Apiculture in Korea


Pyongyang, November 18 (KCNA) -- Apiculture is one of the Korean nation's work customs with a long history.

On the basis of their understanding of bee's habit, Korean ancestors selected a site for apiculture and made beehive, protective device, honey processing tool, etc.

Honey is harvested twice a year, in summer and autumn.

Many families and apiaries of cooperative farms and enterprises in the DPRK have preserved experience gained in apiculture by predecessors and introduced the latest scientific and technological methods into the production of honey.

Ri In Hwan's family in Raengchon-dong No. 2, Tongdaewon District of Pyongyang City, is called "bee's house" as it has kept tens of thousands of bees.

Meanwhile, national technical course and show in the field of apiculture would be held to develop the country's bee-farming, realize the diversification of bee products and improve their quality.

Apiculture was registered as a national intangible cultural heritage in October Juche 106 (2017).


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