Pyongyang Catfish Farm


Pyongyang, October 15 (KCNA) -- The Pyongyang Catfish Farm is an icon and standard farm in the country's pisciculture field as its fish breeding has been put on a high-level scientific, intensive and industrial basis.

Established at the farm are an integrated production system put on an intellectual, IT and digital basis and a scientific water recirculation system. It has a technical foundation capable of normalizing the production in 100-odd open-air fishponds, irrespective of seasons, and a process for producing feed and feed addictive.

Chairman Kim Jong Il appointed the site of the farm in the East Pyongyang area. And he personally named the farm "Pyongyang Catfish Farm" and sent equipment necessary for its operation.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited the modernized farm in Juche 104 (2014) and in October 2015 and gave important teachings on producing more catfishes, saying that a vigorous work should be done to settle the breed, feed and water problems and hatchability should be raised to the maximum.

After his field guidance, the farm realized the computerization of production processes and established a bulking food production process and has turned out more fishes by reducing the standard of feed consumption.

In recent years, the farm broke the highest record in production twice.

Fishes produced at the farm are supplied on a regular basis to schools for orphans, baby home, orphanage, home for the aged and public catering establishments in the capital city of Pyongyang.


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