Cheers Raised in Welcome of National Liberator


Pyongyang, October 13 (KCNA) -- On October 14, Juche 34 (1945), a Pyongyang city mass rally took place at the then public playground at the foot of Moran Hill in welcome of the triumphal return of President Kim Il Sung who achieved the historic cause of national liberation.

When the President appeared on the platform, cheers of "Long live General Kim Il Sung!" shook the playground.

The Pyongyang Minbo, a newspaper of those days, wrote about the sight of the Pyongyang public playground on that day under the title of "Cheers of 400 000 People Shake Korea, a Lovely Land":

Pyongyang has a long history of 4 000 years and a large population of 400 000. Has it ever had such a large meeting as this? Has it ever held such an important meeting?

What gave historic significance to this meeting and turned it into a storm of emotion, was that General Kim Il Sung, the great patriot of Korea and a hero whom Pyongyang produced, was present in person there, and extended joyful and warm greetings and words of encouragement to the people… as soon as General Kim Il Sung appeared on the platform, the hero whom the Korean people hold in high respect and have been looking forward to seeing, a storm of enthusiastic cheers arose, and most of the audience were deeply moved to silent tears.

In his historic speech "Every Effort for the Building of a New, Democratic Korea" delivered at the mass rally, the President appealed to all members of the Korean nation to positively contribute to the state building, those with strength dedicating strength, those with knowledge devoting knowledge and those with money offering money.

The thunderous cheers raised by the people 75 years ago was an eruption of their boundless gratitude and reverence for the President, a legendary hero of anti-Japanese war and the benevolent liberator of Korea, and a manifestation of their pledge to devote all their efforts and wisdom to the building of a new country.


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