Scenic Mt Chilbo in Korea


Pyongyang, October 13 (KCNA) -- Mt Chilbo on the east coast of Korea has been long called "Hambuk Kumgang" since it is as beautiful as world-famous Mt Kumgang in the aspect of mountain, valley, forest and seashore sceneries.

The Mt Chilbo district covers an area of more than 50 000 hectares.

The mountain was appointed as a scenic spot of the country in Juche 35 (1946), just after Korea's liberation from Japan's colonial rule, and over 5 000 hectares of its district were selected as a nature reserve in 1976, nearly 27 000 hectares of it as natural park in 2003. And more than 3 900 hectares of it were selected as a sanctuary for useful animals in 2009.

Preserved in this district are the Kaesim Temple with a history of more than 1 000 years and other relics and remains dating back to the primitive ages, ancient times and middle ages. There are also more than 10 natural monuments, including Hwangjin and Sari spas.

Distributed in the district, which is of great protective value as a World Network of Biosphere Reserves, are forest of pine, mixing forest of needle-leaf and broadleaf trees and forest of broadleaf trees. And there are over 270 kinds of vertebrates and 820 kinds of higher plants. In particular, Songi mushroom (Tricholoma matsutake) is a specialty of the mountain.

Visiting Mt Chilbo several times, Chairman Kim Jong Il gave instructions for sprucing it up as a world-famous mountain.

Mt Chilbo was registered as a World Network of Biosphere Reserves in June 2014.


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